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The following individuals gave their creations to the 2022 Contemporary Art Auction in support of an endowed fund to provide financial assistance to enable the children of artists to attend Friends Seminary.

*indicates that the donor is deceased


Suzanne Anker

Polly Apfelbaum

Emilie Arnoux

March Avery

Trudy Benson

Sean Cavanaugh ’87

Michael Childress

Sarah Crowner

Karin Dando-Haenisch

Adam Dressner ’98

Marcel Dzama

Purdy Eaton

Nicole Eisenman

Suzan Frecon

Gail Garcia

Patrik Graham

Noelia Hobeika

Sheree Hovsepian

Rashid Johnson

Karen Jordan

Ellsworth Kelly

Soo Kim

David Levinthal

R.A. McBride

Happy Menocal

Jo Messer ’09

Sally Michel*

Matt Mignanelli

Richard Misrach

Alice Neel

Mark Schmidt

Richard Serra

Richard Tinkler

Marc Travanti

Russell Tyler

Olav Westphalen

Stanley Whitney

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