The 2018-19 Annual Report reflects all donations received by Friends Seminary between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Charitable donations are an essential and growing part of the School's budget. We are most grateful to our generous donors who support the Fund for Friends, the endowment and capital projects, as well as our dedicated volunteers whose achievements are essential to helping Friends “bring about a world that ought to be.”


Great care has been taken in preparing this report to make it as accurate as possible. If you should note an inaccuracy, please notify us at 646-979-5054 or advancement@friendsseminary.org, so that we may amend our records. The Annual Report is only available through the friendsseminary.org website and is not available to search engines.

*Please note: The Fund for Friends was formerly named the Annual Fund.


The Senior Fund is a time-honored tradition at Friends in which the families of the Senior Class give a collective gift to honor the graduating class and in gratitude to the School. This mini-campaign is run by Senior Class parent volunteers. 


The Class of 2019 funded the restoration of the Inner Courtyard. This area served as an important staging area for the Campus Redevelopment Project and was in need of refurbishment. As a result, this much loved hub of school life will be refreshed, offering additional space for basketball, recess, PE or a place to socialize.

 indicates five or more years of consecutive giving


Ginger Rollert & Greg Abbey

Chelsea Backer ’19

Anna & Dean Backer ◊

Julia Barkan ’19

Annette Brown-Duncan

Kay Hershberger & Brian Burnett ◊

Karina Burnett ’19

Tyler Burston ’19

Nicaela Callimanopulos

Karyn Zieve & Joel Cohen ◊

Claire Danese ◊

Gustavo Danese ◊

Jake Rocco Danese ’19

Dalia Darwish ◊

Daphne Darwish ’19

Lynne Abeles-Darwish & Sasson Darwish ◊

Denise DiPasca ’19

Sandra & Rodger DiPasca ◊

Michael Dixon ’19

Eileen Minnefor & William Dixon

Colin Donnelly ’19

Nicole Darren Donnelly ’88 ◊

Clarence Duncan ’19

Curtis Edwards ’19

Sharon Gill & William Edwards

Sara Stone & Steve Finch

Devin Friedrich ’19

Laura Friedrich ◊

Madeline Vaz & Paul Gigante ◊

Wesley Weissberg & David Goldberg ’83 ◊

Walter Goldberg ’19

Colette Smith & Goetz Grossmann

Christopher R. Harrison ◊

Andrew Harsh ’19

Peggy Kampmeier & Ed Harsh ◊

Laura Hoffmann ◊

Bianca Howell ’19

Steffani Aarons & David Howell ◊

Sintra Howell ’19

Marja Holland & Ida James

Janet Cohen & Daniel Kramarsky

Robert Lakomy

Ben Lanzi ’19

Mike Lanzi ◊

Pete Weiss & Bo Lauder ◊

Brandon Laughren

Ryan Laughren ’19

Nicki Ledermann

Jennifer & Daniel Lehrman

Ilana Lehrman ’19

Madeline Lerner ’19

Winnie & Robert Lerner ◊

Abigail Banker & David Lieber ◊

Henry Lieber ’19

Amanda Liebmann ’19

Gayle Levy & Geoff Liebmann

Jiating Lu ’19

Yanmin Zou & Liming Lu

Frances Boswell & Caspar Luard ◊

Sophie Luard ’19

Emma Daly & Santiago Lyon ◊

Finn Lyon ’19

Charlie MacKenzie ’19

Lori Campbell & Ian MacKenzie ◊

Tsahay Marshall

Laura Friedrich ◊

David Morrison ◊

Piper Morrison ’19

Beth Katzoff & Trevor Morrison ◊

Adin Moses ’19

Hilary & Jeffrey Moses ◊

Liana & Andrew Moss

Hannah Moss ’19

Aqib Nabi ’19

Camilla Nickerson

Hugh O’Donnell ’19

Emma & Paul O’Donnell ◊

Karyn Eisenberg Pappas & Mark Pappas

Theodora Pappas ’19

Rosa & Jose Perez

Savannah Perez ’19

Lily Pinchbeck ’19

Magdalena Puc

Deborah Reiner ◊

Jackie Kim & Harry Robins ◊

Jessica Robins ’19

Cara Stein & Barry Rosenfeld

Chloe Rosenkranz ’19

Sydney & Josh Rosenkranz ◊

Catharina & Georg Schloendorff

Denis Seidalieva ’19

Gulnaz Seidalieva ◊

Jordyn Smalls ’19

Lisa & Alexander Skora

Alexandra Skora ’19

Amelia Smith ’19

Jamie Levitt & Geoffrey Smith ◊

Alan Taylor ◊

Dakota Ticheli ’19

Marina Lowy & Joseph Vebman

Suzanne McClelland & Andrew Vogelman

Lucas Vogelman ’19

Jackson Wakefield ’19

Keisha Weekes ◊

Deborah Needleman & Jacob Weisberg ◊

Ben Wertheim ’19

Ellie & Jon Wertheim

Frances White ’19

Laura Milstein & Roy White

Patricia Mathews and Daniel Wilkinson ◊

Fengqing Liu & Shufeng Xia

Jill & Andrew Zelter

Isabel Zelter ’19