The 2018-19 Annual Report reflects all donations received by Friends Seminary between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Charitable donations are an essential and growing part of the School's budget. We are most grateful to our generous donors who support the Fund for Friends, the endowment and capital projects, as well as our dedicated volunteers whose achievements are essential to helping Friends “bring about a world that ought to be.”


Great care has been taken in preparing this report to make it as accurate as possible. If you should note an inaccuracy, please notify us at 646-979-5054 or advancement@friendsseminary.org, so that we may amend our records. The Annual Report is only available through the friendsseminary.org website and is not available to search engines.

*Please note: The Fund for Friends was formerly named the Annual Fund.

In 1786, Robert Murray, a prominent Quaker shipping merchant, left a bequest which helped launch Friends Seminary. Following Robert Murray’s example, other generous donors have made planned gifts, thereby providing current and deferred contributions to the School. We are deeply grateful to our Friends for the Future listed below.

* indicates that the donor is deceased

Abby Harris Alderman ’41*

Schuyler Allen-Kalb ’86

Rose Kemmer Anderson*

Mary Benjamin Arnstein ’44*

Ellen Baer ’71

Richard Barbieri ’02

Christie Rinehart Basham ’49*

Joshua M. Bender ’99

Yarrott Benz

Rhoda Zimand Bernstein ’49*

Peter Brest

John P. Broomell ’34*

Rose Browne

Jackson R. Bryer ’55

Glenna Ferris Burckel ’57

Frederic J. Buse ’59

Frederick Bush

Linda Frankel Cahill ’51

Nat Caldwell ’86

Susan L. Carmody, Esq. ’83

Jill Claster*

Mildred Claster*

Jon Cohen

Marion Cleveland Cohen ’43*

Paul Coleman ’45

Sylvia Colt de Almeida ’45

Julie Raggio ’85 & Cameron Cover

Jane & Patrick Curley

Sheila Davis

Marjorie & Howard Day

Julianna Egner ’07

Teal Eich ’97

Helen D. Reavis ’77

Elizabeth Enloe

John S. Estey ’43*

Ina R. Evans*

Natalie Spencer Fox ’43

Barbara Kates-Garnick ’68 & Marc Garnick

Scott Garren ’65

Constance Stokes Germain ’43

Christopher H. Gibbs ’76

Edes Powell Gilbert ’49

Eva Evans Goss ’49

Martha Manheim Green ’52

John Haskins ’61

Elaine Thomas & Joseph Healey

Barbara Kugel Herne ’41

Suzanne & Fred Herriman

Barbara Valentine Hertz ’39*

Dolores Hoelle*

Baldwin C. Hvass ’31*

Nina Solomon Hyde ’50*

Jonathan Jacoby ’92

John R. Jakobson*

Robert Kiley

Anne Marie Peper Collart Kniffin ’54

Dafna Landau ’01

Bo Lauder

Linda Baer ’85

William S. Lewis ’55*

Robert M. Lintz*

David R. Lloyd ’00

Ruth Lofgren*

Katherine Loomis ’45*

Lisa Macchia ’67

Joyce G. McCray*

Russell Park McGhie*

Tracy Carroll Meisinger ’82

Ralph Menapace ’85*

Leone Reiber Mendenhall ’39

GG Michelson*

John R. Miller ’55*

Steve Mittenthal ’55

Henrita Morse*

Nancy Nicol ’59

Cecilia Noguera

Theodora Oakes O’Hara ’44

Jacob Ornstein ’06

Phyllis Hill Overton ’38*

W. Barclay Palmer

Jennifer Stevens Pappas

Janaki & Gary Patrik

Marion Hausner Pauck ’45

Jacob E. Perricone ’12

Joanna Pickett

Carl S. Pike ’62

Ileana Porges-West ’70

Sheri Powers, Esq. ’79

Henry Prince ’03

Jonathan Rinehart ’48*

Stuart Robinson ’46

Donna Rothchild

Susan Salzberg Rubin ’77

Judith Rubenstein Schaffer ’60

Craig N. Sellers

Dara Shalette ’89

Bruce Smith ’86

Susann Malin & Joel Solomon

Karen Spaulding

Faith* & Girard* L. Spencer ’48

Girard L. Spencer ’48*

Richard Stabler ’70

Gavin Steinberg ’98

Anne Thomas Stevens ’45*

Frank R. Stevens

Liz Lyons Stone ’60

Ann & Richard Sullivan

James Sumers ’04

Joseph L. Sweeney ’55*

Bethene Trexel & Jon Tenney

Paul Testa ’87

Gladys N.* & Charles Thatcher*

Ann Thomas & Daniel Rabinowitz

Stephanie Van Hoorn ’63

Marcy Wachtel ’75

David E. Wartels ’57

Alexander Watson ’38*

Wendy Weil ’57*

Elizabeth J. Wolf ’59

Georgia Weyer York ’62

John Young