The 2018-19 Annual Report reflects all donations received by Friends Seminary between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019. Charitable donations are an essential and growing part of the School's budget. We are most grateful to our generous donors who support the Fund for Friends, the endowment and capital projects, as well as our dedicated volunteers whose achievements are essential to helping Friends “bring about a world that ought to be.”


Great care has been taken in preparing this report to make it as accurate as possible. If you should note an inaccuracy, please notify us at 646-979-5054 or advancement@friendsseminary.org, so that we may amend our records. The Annual Report is only available through the friendsseminary.org website and is not available to search engines.

*Please note: The Fund for Friends was formerly named the Annual Fund.


indicates five or more years of consecutive giving

* indicates 2018-2019 Trustee

Mary Alexander ◊

*Matthew Annenberg ’83 ◊

Peter Baily ◊

*Julia B. Bates ’83 ◊

Linda Blum ◊

*Dot Cates ◊

Linda Chu ◊

*Kennedy Cogan ◊

Jon Cohen ◊

*Liz Di Giorgio

Andy Doan ◊

*Mark Doty ’86 ◊

*Elizabeth Enloe ◊

Barbara Fagan ◊

George Fisher ◊

Gilbert Fleitas ’75

*Nicole Fox

Deborah Freundlich ◊

Ben Frisch ◊

*Gideon Gil ◊

Edes Powell Gilbert ’49 ◊

Teri Hassid

*Isaac Henderson ◊

Steven Lowen ’80 ◊

Corona Machemer ◊

Michael McCully ◊

Wendy Levine ◊

*Buxton Midyette

*Jeffrey Penn

*Eric Quiñones ◊

*Peter Rahbar ◊

Patricia L. Rosenfield ’66 ◊

*Benjamin Smith ◊

Floyd L. Smith ◊

Dorothy M. Sobol

Ellen Stein ◊

*Ann Sullivan ◊

W. Jane Suntken ◊

Steven Tuttleman ◊

*Carol Warner ◊

Hassan Wilson

Pamela Wood

Martina Yamin ◊